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Before I get into this, let me just go ahead and be completely honest:


As discussed in the About page, this blog is solely my interpretation of the collective movements that form Modernism. So far my interpretation has helped others gain a better understanding of the subject in order to learn more about it. That does not, however, mean I can't be wrong, and you're welcome to point out as much at any time. Anyway...

I graduated from the University of Washington in 2009 with a Bachelor's of Arts in English (Literature and Language). My undeclared focus was on gender and identity (mostly because I tried to included in every paper I wrote, but never went out of my way to declare it as such). Previously I studied at Wenatchee Valley College where I received my AA in 2007 and Wenatchee High School where I earned my high school diploma in 2004. My Senior Capstone thesis discussed the idea of Gertrude Stein's Cubist poetry and Merry Melodies Surrealist cartoon "Duck Amuck" holding just as much artistic merit as traditional forms of art.

If I were to name anything as a passion, it would be animation, thus I have been interested in Art as a whole since I was a child. When I felt my artistic abilities were not at the level necessary to enter the field professionally, I turned to literature as my primary area of study and spent the last few years of my undergraduate life studying Modernism and Post Modernism. I complimented them with classes in mainly Art History spanning from early Stone Age to what we, the general populace, call "Modern Art." During my early college years I focused on the start and development of Literature using it as a basis for study of more contemporary works and theory.

Aside from that, I'm heavily into movies, television, and video games on not only an entertainment level, but also artistic and narrative merit. I tend to make a clear distinction between the two, which is why I loved High School Musical 3 almost as much as I loved WALL-E. As much as I hate to admit it, Modernism is a large focal point of my life.

Below is a list of classes I completed as an undergraduate that best reflect my knowledge for those who are so inclined. It may not make sense why I listed some of the classes that I did, but hopefully the connections will begin after looking through some of my blog entries.

University of Washington

Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature
Modernism in Visual and Literary Media
Modernist and Post Modernist Literature
Reading Fiction
Intro to English Literature
Critical Practice
Shakespeare Post 1603
Children's Literature
Arthurian Legends
Freudian Literature
Southern Baroque
Northern Baroque
Women as Artists (Baroque to Current)
Arts of Japan

Wenatchee Valley College

Intro to British Literature
Intro to World Literature
Fantasy Fiction
English 101
Creative Writing (3 quarters)
Art History 201 (Stone Age to Gothic)
Art History 202 (Gothic to Rococo)


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