Monday, April 26, 2010

Most items that need a source citation are often found within the blog post containing the item as I usually only refer to them once. However, here are a few resources I typically refer to on a regular basis, or have used for study. Keep in mind that most of my knowledge comes from the curriculum taught to me while I was an undergrad. You can find a list of the classes I took and at which institution on the Credentials page. Yes, Wikipedia is an unreliable source and I have stated as such. It's still a good resource in terms of general overviews and knowledge, and normally the articles cite resources worth checking out.

JStore: Hosts a number of electronic articles and essays. Unfortunately JStore is not a free service, and I've only had access to it in the past due to contracts it holds with the University of Washington. If you're a UW student (or any major university), though, you're probably already familiar with JStore and I encourage you to abuse it!

UW Libraries: Another brilliant resource was my university's library, specifically the Art History Library. UW has a crazy number of libraries and resources available to its students and staff, and even the public until about 10pm on most days.

Text Books: The most common form of "text books" in Literature courses are packets premade by the instructor filled with relevant articles and literature, so unfortunately it's a bit hard to cite those. On the other hand, Art History is text book happy, and when I finally round up all of my Art History study materials, I'll be sure to post a list. :D


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